Slow Natural Gas Leak can cause Poisoning!

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The Quiet Destroyer: Natural Gas Poisoning

Why am I writing about something as mundane as a natural gas leak in my home? My house didnít explode into flames; my family didnít asphyxiate in their sleep, nothing as dramatic as that. No, our leak was slow and undetectable to ourselves and visitors to our home. We lived in our house for nearly 4 years before we discovered what was making us all sick. Very sick.

My family developed several medical conditions as a result of our exposure. No one was left untouched by the exposure, even our pets.

This site has been developed to help others who may be affected by natural gas poisoning and are looking for help just as I was.

For years I searched for answers to why my children were developing their symptoms, what could be the causing this illness? Once we discovered the natural gas leak in our home, I searched long hours for treatments and cures, but found little information on the subject.

I suspect there are others who are like me who are looking for help, for answers, or just for validation. It helps so much to know you are not the only one with this problem. The health practitioners may think IT is ďall in your headĒ, but IT may just be leaking out of your homeís gas pipes.

Read on to learn more about the symptoms, research and results of our experience with Natural Gas.

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